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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 8, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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that senator ulysses currie did nothing wrong when he entered into what he called a consulting contract with grocery giant shoppers food warehouse. the prosecution has alleged throughout the course of this trial that currie was using his political power and influence to push shoppers food warehouse and agenda in annapolis. they were, the prosecution, alleging all along, that the senator sold his power to the highest bidder. and in this case, they said it was shoppers warehouse. but the defense all along, arguing that currie was an honest man and that the error was on his state ethics forges, where he -- forms, where he did not disclose he was working for shoppers, were all paperwork error. they said his wife filled them out and he simply signed them off without checking it off. this was a huge sigh of relief for currie. his wife had tears running down her eyes when the jury read the
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verdict not guilty. iz could see her mouthing the words, that seemed to be prayers. she seemed to be mouthing prayers during the not guilty verdict in the courtroom. today, a sweeping victory for the defense. and defeat for the government, which inest have -- invested thousands of man hours into this investigation against currie and into the prosecution. we'll have reaction from currie coming up. >> we'll continue to bring you the latest on this story as it becomes available. our other top story tonight, a growing scandal at penn state university. legendary football coach, joe paterno faces signs that he didn't do enough. drew levinson has the latest. >> penn state football coach, joe paterno told a crush of reporters that he wants to
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respond about the university sex scandal. >> we'll try to do this. >> reporter: earlier in the day, the university canceled paterno's tuesday press conference. paterno's former assistant coach, gary sandusky is charged with assaulting boys. paterno told authorities he saw him assaulting a boy in a locker room. the school failed to alert authorities. paterno's son says his father has no intention on resigning. >> there's been nothing other than coaching football. >> reporter: paterno has been a legend here at penn state. during his six decades of coaching, he's won two national championships and pushed his players to succeed off o and off the field. matt millen played for penn state in the 1970s and was on the board the second mile. that's the charity sandusky
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started for kids and is where they say he targeted his kids. >> makes you sick. to see that this could happen to this level. >> reporter: it's a black eye on the university and its legendary 84-year-old coach. >> joe paterno! >> reporter: who may be forced to wrap up his last season with the nit 18 lions -- nittany lyannes. -- lions. >> paterno says his father plans to coach in the game saturday against nebraska and he will stick around for the long haul. a police officer tries to make a drug bust. but instead, he's dragged two blocks by a pickup truck. vic is in the newsroom to explain the violent confrontation. >> reporter: right now, the officer is being treated. and police are still looking for his attacker. he was hurt this morning as he tried to stop a pickup truck at north monroe street. as he reached into the vehicle, the driver sped away, driving the officer around the corner. the officer fired his gun
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twice, but his bullets didn't hit anyone. right now, police are still searching for the suspect vehicle, which is a light brown or gold ford pickup truck. mary, back to you. >> the officer is being treated for injuries to his arms. a broken gas line leaves hundreds of people without heat or hot water in locust point. and many businesses are shut down, without money. wjz is live near the scene. adam may is there and has the latest on the repairs. >> reporter: good evening, kai. crews are here working on this major natural gas line break. it could be several days before service is restored to everyone in this neighborhood. >> reporter: baltimore police stand guard as locksmiths hired by bge break into homes across locust point. they attempt to disrupt service to about 1,000 customers. >> what will you be missing? >> the stove, and the dryer. and the shower. >> reporter: the problem started when a contractor working on a nearby bridge
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broke this 12-inch gas line monday morning. >> once the repairs have been completed, we'll actually have to go back into each of those homes homes and relay all of those natural gas appliances. at this point, we are looking at a multiday restoration. >> they keep calling this -- we can't tell them we're open. we don't know what to say. it's bad. we're losing a lot of money. >> reporter: and the gas shutoff itself hasn't been without a few problems. >> when i showed up from work, the cops were outside, all of my doors were open. i thought, what happened? >> reporter: carl dilorenzo said bge shut off his alarms twice. >> they inadvertently forgot that they didn't record my gas. they broke back in to just reshut it back off. >> whoops. >> yeah. >> just a few moments ago, a spokesperson for bge says they are checking into that accidental entry there. right now, bge crews are in the process of hooking up about 100
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people, so gas will be coming back on for 100 people. meanwhile, customers are urged, if they smell a strong, natural gas odor in this neighborhood, they should evacuate their homes and call bge immediately. we're live at locust point, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> adam, thank you. bge is holding an informational meeting tonight at the church of the redemption at 7:30. legionnaire's disease is uncovered at a nursing home in north baltimore. the city is uncovering at the multicare center. both patients are now recovering. legionella bacteria is found in water and passed along when a person breathes mist or vapors contaminated with the disease. the place is serving only bottled water now as a precaution. voters are casting their ballots for general election. as expected, voter turnout has been really low today.
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the city's election chief will cast ballots. we'll have much more on the mayor's race, coming up new at 5:30. orioles usher in the new leadership with the hiring of a new manager. sports director mark viviono has -- viviano has more. >> dan duquette takes over as gm and becomes the latest in a long line of executives who will try to turn around a baseball franchise that has now suffered through 14 straight losing seasons. >> reporter: dan duquette is a boston-area native with red sox on his resume, but with orioles tradition on his mind. immediately, he referred to restoring the o's glory days and former ways, to improve the team in the presence. >> reporter: the same fundamentals of good playing. to build a team that orioles fans can be proud of. and i know that orioles fans
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are hungry for a competitive team. and so are we. >> we're very fortunate to have somebody like him with his background and experience and track record of success. and with the scouting and leadership. >> reporter: the new gm gets showalter's endorsement. but the hiring of duquette does come with some concern. he's been away from the major leagues for nearly a decade. something he says will actually help him. >> my focus is going to be sharper and better, from my time being away from the game. i've got an opportunity to look at running a ball club from not being in the seat of the general manager and that has given me some insights that i think will be very helpful and valuable in this opportunity. >> anybody that has a passion about the orioles and has a strong opinion about, from his background, i'm in. >> well, buck is in. and duquette is in, with a three-year contract. among his priorities is hiring a director of scouting.
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and baseball's free agency period is now under way. many decisions to make on what orioles to keep and what available players to sign. kai, back to you. >> mark. thank you. by the way, duquette will represent the team at the major league meetings in milwaukee next week. updating our breaking news. state senator ulysses currie found not guilty on all charges in a federal corruption trial. wjz is live at the federal courthouse downtown. derek valcourt is there and spoke to senator currie moments ago. derek? >> reporter: he came out just a little while ago and obviously had huge smiles. this is a huge victory for him, as you can imagine. he's had these legal troubles hanging over his head for the last three years, since the fbi came in and began investigating these bribery charges. we spoke with him just moments ago. >> it's hard to explain. this has been a rough four years. almost four years. for my wife, my family and i, and also for my constituents. so this is the greatest moment of my life.
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this is by far the greatest moment of my life of. >> despite this not guilty verdict, how do you think this is going to affect future campaigning, your career? >> future campaigning -- not a single constituent in my district has had anything negative to say about my being in this situation. i got great support. and i want to thank my constituents. i want to thank the state of maryland. i want to thank the people of baltimore city. when i walk out to the street here in baltimore city, people come up to me and wish me well. i've had great support. but more importantly, from the lawyer. this man, this team -- yeah, this man and this team, is why i'm standing here today. a year ago, they started a new on this case. and they were working seven days a week, almost 24 hours a day. joe hasn't had an opportunity to run in almost a year. he's going to run today.
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[ laughter ] >> does it sour you on the potential of staying in politics? >> i was never soured. no, i was never sour. i'll continue to serve my constituents, as long as they would want me to. i enjoy working with the people in the community. and i'll continue to do that. >> what would you do differently to perhaps avoid another situation like this? >> i have no idea. i don't know. >> i think we're through now. thank you very much. >> senator, why did you disclose your role -- >> reporter: not guilty on all of the nine charges against 74- year-old prince george's county senator ulysses currie, who as you can hear there, very happy to be tonight walking home a free man, vindicated of the charges that have been hanging over his head ever since may of 2008 when the fbi first began investigating these allegations of bribery. the prosecution tried to paint the picture of currie in court as a man who was lying in order to hide his relationship, his consulting relationship with
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shoppers food warehouse. currie and his attorneys maintained all along that he is an honest man, who would never intentionally do such a thing, take bribes. in fact, they called in a number of high-profile politicians to testify on behalf of currie's character. and they brought in a number of witnesses to explain why currie was not hiding his relationship with shoppers food. the jury obviously siding with the defense's case on this. we'll hear from them coming up all new at 6:00. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> as derek mentioned, eyewitness news will continue to follow this story throughout the night. the sun has set on another beautiful fall day. outside right now, it is clear and mild. and just beautiful out there on this tuesday night. wjz is live with first warning weather. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk, updating our conditions. we'll start inside with bob. just an incredible day. take a look at radar. nothing around the entire east coast. but if you go out a little further, maybe 700 miles away, there's shower activity there.
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eventually, we do expect to see some clouds here on thursday. and maybe some showers. but tomorrow, this graphic tells the whole story. beautiful weather will continue, as high pressure continues over the region. the main area of low pressure passes way to our west. the chance of showers here are not even that great on thursday. but it will turn cooler after that. speaking of temperatures, bernadette woods in the outback with a look at just how crazy it's been. bernadette? >> reporter: it really is amazing. i want to show you this graphic. everyone thinks it's warm outside. it definitely is. we got to 71 degrees. that's the official high on the date. the record is 80. look how close we were to that. and the average, just to keep it all in perspective, is down to 59 degrees. we're well above average. at least for a day or so, we'll be above average. we'll have the exact numbers coming back inside. >> still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. herman cain is fighting back against claims of sexual harassment. what the presidential candidate
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is saying about his accusers. chaos steps from campus. i'm mike hellgren. i'll tell you how it led to the death of a college student. we'll talk to those who knew her. and you'll hear from the man defending her accused killer. the ravens helped give back to the community again. i'm monique griego. coming up, we'll show you where the players were at today. take another live look outside. it's a beautiful tuesday night. what should we expect for the rest of the week? bob has more in his updated forecast. ,,,,
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tonight disturbing new information about the case at frostburg university. wjz is live at poly in northwestern baltimore, where the victim graduated from high school last year. mike hellgren is there and has the latest developments. mike?
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>> kai, there is a profound sense of sadness, both here and in frostburg. more than 100 people attended that party that turned so violent. >> reporter: police described a party so out of control that people were making death threats. 19-year-old courtney mccoy, who was stabbed to death at a house off campus. she was a beloved member at the empowerment temple church in north baltimore. >> what is going on that another young lady can stab someone? i mean, are you that angry that you would want to take someone's life? >> reporter: police charged a fellow student, 23-year-old shinay liggins with second- degree murder, stay saying she stabbed her boyfriend with a kitchen knife. >> the facts will come out. and i feel for the parents of the deceased child. equally, these parents are in great turmoil about this
5:19 pm
incident. >> reporter: university officials say they cannot say whether alcohol fueled the chaos at the party. but that irworking to-- they're working to curb binge drinking. >> as much as i'd like to keep each student in the palm of my hand and keep them safe every day, that is not possible. >> reporter: the suspect remains in jail tonight, held on no bail. and a memorial service is being planned for nicole mccoy at her church in baltimore on saturday. reporting live, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, mike. thank you. coming up new at 6:00, a student who has attended parties in that house, speaks to wjz about the murder. if you are waiting for somebody to get home from work, let's check in on our roads now. here's kristy breslin, live at wjz traffic control. it may be a very hectic drive home for you. on the harrisburg expressway in the northbound direction. we now have a 20-minute delay there from shawan to belfast. another 20-minute delay on the top side inner loop. that's from the harrisburg expressway to harford road. and a couple of outer loop
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delays, heavy on the top side outer loop, from providence road to stevenson road. and if you're traveling on the southwest side, about 20 minutes there from baltimore national pike to the bw parkway. average speed, about 21 miles an hour. 70, westbound. that's jammed up there from 29 to marriottsville road. and several new accidents out there in reisterstown. reisterstown road at cherry valley road. thomas in the harford area. that's been a big problem area this afternoon. and york road, east ridgely at the timonium area. let's take a live look. you can see, plenty of congestion there. this traffic report is brought to you by bill's carpet, hardwood and laminate, too. you can call them at 1-877-75- bills. back to you. >> kristy, thank you. such a gorgeous day, bob. >> before. >> hate to see these days go by. one more coming up. enjoy that. 63 now. southeast winds, 6. barometer
5:21 pm
holding steady. come back and take another look at a nice day wednesday. after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. the sun set around 4:58.
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unfortunately. clearly not much in the way of cloud cover. it will be another clear night for the most part. this morning, quite a bit on the eastern shore. didn't see much on the western shore. and we'll probably see more tonight with the light winds and clear skies. take a look at these temperatures now. still mild out there. not warm as it was. 63 here. 65 in oakland. that's amazing. and 69. still in cumberland. d.c. at 63. the cool spots by the water, 56 in ocean city. 59 over in easton. and dew point is 43. that's probably where we're going to end up tonight, low 40s overnight tonight. 65 tonight still in bel air. 60 in kent island and annapolis. and 65 in westminster. a light southeast wind. generally, it's been out of the south, keeping us in this warm air for one more day. then we start to see changes on thursday because of this frontal system, deep area pressure of oklahoma. they had more tornado watches out there this afternoon.
5:25 pm
pretty unusual. but when you get cold air, that snow in southeast colorado and warm air and high dew point air, moist air. something is going to give. showers and storms moving up through missouri. not too far from chicago. showers. but the main low is going to head way out to our west. a little piece of that front is going to swing by our region on thursday. slight chance of a shower. don't think we'll see too much out of it. most of the energy will be way to our north. look at this. main to the east coast. really not a cloud to be seen. so we have warm weather tonight. mild weather tomorrow. the front will approach the region on thursday, with clouds. and maybe a few showers. that's about it. maybe not even that much. and once it gets through the region, high pressure builds in. it will be quite a bit cooler by friday, with temperatures only in the low 50s. oddly enough, we have, believe it or not, a tropical storm. there. it was part of an old frontal system that redeveloped a little bit. now, it's not strong.
5:26 pm
has winds around 58. and it's heading out toward the northeast. that's bermuda. it will pass north of bermuda. will not impact the united states. maybe a little higher surf right along the carolina coast. but that's about it. and hopefully that will be the last of the hurricane season this year. still a little disturbance out in the atlantic. southeast winds, 5 to 10 knots. bay temp, around 55 degrees. tonight, look for clear skies, except for patchy fog in? areas. can be dense. tomorrow, back up in the mid- 60s. if we have all sunshine, could go back in the upper 60s, another nice, warm afternoon. >> all right, bob. thank you. loving it. still ahead at 5:00. a rare encounter. an asteroid, the size of a football field will soon pass earth tonight. when you'll be able to see it here on wjz. an unbelievable mistake, involving the remains of fallen soldiers. what the air force is admitting and who is being punished.
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a mother begs for your help in finding a child's killer who is still out here somewhere. i'm weijia jiang, with her em ♪ ♪ if i should fall from grace with god ♪ ♪ where no doctor can relieve me ♪ ♪ if i'm buried 'neath the sod ♪ but the angels won't receive me ♪ ♪ let me go, boys, let me go, boys ♪ ♪ let me go down in the mud where the rivers... ♪ [ female announcer ] when you're responsible for this much of the team, you need a car you can count on. ♪
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5:29. 63 degrees and clear. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. we have an update on the breaking news we have been following all night. a maryland politician, accused
5:30 pm
of bribery is acquitted. a jury finds state senator ulysses currie not guilty on all charges. wjz is live. derek valcourt is outside the federal courthouse, where the senator just spoke out. derek? >> mary, this was a complete exoneration, not guilty on all nine of the charges against senator senator currie. and the two former executives, accused of giving him the bribes. the jury clearly accepting that his paid consulting relationship with shoppers foodwarehouse was perfectly legal, and not the secret bribery scheme that prosecutors made it out to be. it has been hanging over the 74- year-old senator's head the last three years. tonight, he says he is overwhelmed by this not-guilty verdict. >> it's hard to explain. this has been a rough four years. almost four years. for my wife, my family and i. and also for my constituents. so this is the greatest moment of my life.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: currie says he holds no grudges. he said he is preparing to move on with his personal life and with his political life. he said he is ready to get back to serving his constituents constituents there. one note here, his wife, while the not guilty verdicts were being read, had tears in her eyes. she appeared to me to be praying while the verdict was read. >> and we will bring you the latest tonight on eyewitness news at 6:00. the other breaking news that we're following. republican presidential candidate herman cain is talking about the latest sexual harassment allegations against him. denise is in the newsroom with more on what cain is saying. denise? >> speaking moments ago, cain said he is not going to withdraw from the race. yesterday, sharon biyalick accused cain of making an unwanted advance toward her in 1997. cain has been battling allegations of sexual
5:32 pm
misconduct. he has told reporters he is not talking about the issue. but moments ago, he addressed the issue head-on. >> i have never acted inappropriately with anyone, period. and these accusations that were revealed yesterday are simply -- did not happen. >> reporter: today, cain's campaign launched in, questioning the credibility, where she was a defendant and mentioning a bankruptcy filing. >> reporter: biy'allic's attorney, gloria allred said her client is not making any money on the accusations and that she is representing her pro bono. looking for leads. a transgender woman is murdered in baltimore. nine months later, the victim's mother and police are issuing a new plea for help catching the killer. weijia jiang has the story. [ indiscernible ]
5:33 pm
you know, please come forth. >> reporter: sandra's heart broke on valentine's day, the last day she saw her child alive. >> some days i'm angry. is some days i'm very sad. some days i just say, i wish he hadn't went out the door that night. >> reporter: six days later, police found transgender woman tira trent on the avenue. detectives are out of leads. >> we know someone out there has something on this case. someone saw something. someone heard something. but we're asking for help. >> reporter: they say he ran into trouble with his past because of the way he lived his life. but she's not sure his transgender had anything to do with his murder. >> he had a lot of problems like we all do, but he had a good heart. >> his legal name was anthony trent. and he had been charged with prostitution and judge.
5:34 pm
he was trying to go to school. but it's the second time sandra has buried a child. >> you took the only thing i had left, you know? my only child. >> reporter: and mrs. trent says she's not sure where tyra was going the night she left home for the last time. at this point, police have not developed any motive. >> police urge anyone who has information to let them know. tips can remain anonymous. orioles pitcher alfredo simone is off the hook. he's been cleared in all wrongdoing in the fatal shooting of his cousin. simone spent two months in a dominican prison. a hearing scheduled for today has been canceled. and simone will not face any charges. new information about a police-involved shooting in howard county. officers shot a man with a gun after he opened fire on high- tech drive in the hanover area. tonight, the detectives are identifying the suspect as 19- year-old jeffrey nichols of
5:35 pm
elkridge. he's currently in critical condition at shock trauma. >> polls are open in baltimore's general elections. city residents are deciding on their leadership from the next four years. wjz is live outside a polling place in northeast baltimore. political reporter pat warren has more on voter turnout. good evening, pat. >> good evening, kai. good evening, everybody. elections officials are expecting an even lower voter turnout for this election than what we saw in the september primary. >> reporter: the september primary thinned the herd in the primary race. ute of the field of five, stephanie rawlings-blake was the clear winner. maybe too clear. early numbers indicate baltimore city's general election was dead on arrival. >> in my exercise class, my instructor was saying, i have to leave here and go vote. she said, why are you going to go vote? we voted several months ago. i said, well, wasn't that the preliminary. and this is the -- what is it? >> general. >> yeah, general. i said, this is the general.
5:36 pm
she said, i didn't know anything about that. >> reporter: rawlings-blake told wjz she was encouraging people to get out to vote. >> sending out mailers and encouraging people to vote. and hopefully we'll have a good turnout tomorrow. >> reporter: some voters who did cast ballots today were surprised how few of them, as in voters, there were. >> there's nothing they can do about it. when we had the primaries, it was a little activity. but nowhere near the activity we should have. >> reporter: butlow turnout is better than no turnout. those who wouldn't happening of missing a chance to have their voices heard. >> are you disappointed in the turnout in general? >> yes. because i feel like this isn't right of the american people. and it's a time to be able to express how we feel about things. >> and if you don't take advantage of it, you can't complain about it. >> reporter: but some voters were also wondering why they didn't see more candidates at the polling places either? >> the way our country is now,
5:37 pm
we need our candidates not just to have a job but to do their job. >> reporter: mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is expected to make her first campaign appearance of the day here at 6:45 tonight. her challenger republican alfred -- oh, my goodness, i can't think of his name right now. alfred, her republican challenger -- and i apologize for that, has not been available to eyewitness news. >> also up for grabs is the city council seat representing the third district. wjz was there as councilmembers did campaigning. councilman warren branch and write-in candidate sneed handed out flyers and answered questions from voters. the polls close at 8:00 p.m. now to a horrible mistake. the air force admits to losing remains of fallen soldiers at dover air force base in delaware. officials say the remains were lost at the morgue that
5:38 pm
receives america's war dead and prepares them for burial. the case involved deaths of those killed in afghanistan. portions were dismembered while pieces went missing. three officials have been disciplined. jessica is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> the 2-year-old, sky mittawalla has been missing since tuesday when he vanished from his mother's unlocked car. julia baricova said she left the toddler lock the in the car while she walked to a gas station. sky's father, who is going through a bitter divorce, said her story isn't adding up. >> the whole story does not add up. there's something missing. and find out what's missing. that will lead us to our child. >> reporter: also today, police say aside from the mother, no one has seen the boy in the past two weeks.
5:39 pm
mary? >> all right, jessica, thank you. back in 2009, both parents were cited for reckless endangerment after they lfort sky alone in a car, while they shopped at target. dr. conrad murray is being closely watched. when he arrived at the jail yesterday, the 58-year-old was placed on suicide watch. hours earlier, a jury found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson. murray faces up to four years in prison but will likely walk free within months due to prison overcrowding. the government is running its first-ever nationwide test of its emergency alert system tomorrow. every tv system, radio outlet and cable station in the country will be affected. randall pinkston has more on what viewers and expecters can expect. >> reporter: talk shows, soap operas, and every other tv and radio program across the nation will all be interrupted at exactly 2:00 p.m. eastern time wednesday.
5:40 pm
for 30 seconds, fema and the fcc will conduct the first nationwide test of the emergency alert system, also known as e.a.s. >> in the past, if you heard it on one station, you could change the channel and listen to something else. now, if you change the channel, it will be on that channel as well. >> reporter: e.a.s. is designed to quickly alert americans if there is a major problem like a major power grid failure, catastrophic form. >> reporter: local stations in falls church, video video have always been required to run tests individually. now, broadcasters must coordinate with nearby broadcast stations. >> we monitor wmal, wtop. and we also monitor the national weather service. >> reporter: the e.a.s. is the modern-day version of the old emergency broadcast system, designed to protect americans from missile strikes during the cold war.
5:41 pm
the new system has never been used on a national scale. but the government says this test is important to ensure it will work in the event of an emergency. in new york, randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> once again, that test is set for tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. an asteroid is set to fly by earth tomorrow. it is about the size of an aircraft carrier. i nide a bigger -- i need a bigger sound effect for that. >> whoo! >> there you go. it will travel closer to the mon. but it will pass at a safe distance. the best place will be to see it on the east coast, coming up at 6:30 tonight. but scientists say you will need a telescope. >> so we don't need bruce willis. >> right. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. the state's tour of rocky gap for competing for the casino license. meet a man who collapsed and nearly died within eyesight of
5:42 pm
the finish line during last month's baltimore marathon. and the owners of a mount washington tavern pledge to reopen by preakness weekend. for these stories and more, remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. monique griego is there as they hand out winter gear to deserving fans. >> reporter: big guys with big hearts. that's the baltimore ravens. >> it's not all about football. it's about what have you done to the man next to you to get better? >> cory reading is one of the people who handed out winter gear to 200 men. >> reporter: many of the men here are homeless or recovering from addiction. >> it's just an opportunity for something they never had. >> they provided the jaxets,
5:43 pm
clubs and hats but said it's the players that make it an experience. >> it's like a dream come true to see one of these guys. >> i feel like they're part of us. >> the fact that they came down here motivates them in their own life. >> you have hope. you can do well. >> the players know it's not about the coach. it's the confidence that comes with it. >> monique griego, wjz eyewitness news. >> i love this. and i love the ravens' players. >> that's nice. very nice. >> it's the who's who of the ravens. >> without a doubt. like you saw tory smith there. it's a great event. >> monique is right. it's about the confidence not just the jacket. still ahead. it's a story for anyone who wants to drop a few pounds. hear which diet plans make the top of the list. we'll have them for you in healthwatch.
5:44 pm
a parents worst nightmare. see the incredible moments when police find the child. i'm bob turk in the first warning weather center. how much longer will the perfect weather last? i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. here's today's report from wall street. [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature. you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. the vegetables do. at green giant, we pick vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze them fast so they're are as nutritious as fresh. [ green giant ] ho ho ho. ♪ green giant fantastic! pro-gresso ] they fit! okay-y... okay??? i've been eating progresso and now my favorite old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less.
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that's at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead. what a fantastic day. nice pleasant evening. just really exceptional. what about your wednesday. we promised you one decent day. looks like we may have it. bernadette has a look at that wednesday forecast. bernadette? >> here's the forecast for tomorrow. we're going to start out still some areas of fog out there. otherwise, sunshine makes for clouds. and as we head out, we warm it back up to the 60s once again. not quite to the 70s. we'll see additional clouds. and tomorrow evening, more clouds come in. for the rest of the five-day, here's bob. >> just maybe a shower or two. yes, it will cool down. now, we were at 71. it's 52. that's quite a drop.
5:48 pm
but we'll see partly cloudy skies. it will be breezy friday. warming up again for the weekend. with the sunshine, 58 on saturday and low 60s. a lot of sun here on sunday. mary? >> thank you. it is a happy ending for an ohio family. their son goes missing but is found safe. police say the 9-month-old boy was found inside the car has father left running outside the store. when the father came out, there was a man inside the car who drove off. the car was found later with the baby inside. there he is, looking good. police say the thief is still on the loose. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a crash that triggered a tanker truck explosion in new jersey. it happened on the new jersey turnpike, about 30 miles outside of manhattan. the tanker and a minivan collided. then the tanker exploded. the truck driver got out in time. but the people in the minivan were rushed to the hospital. no bord on their conditions. students are now enrolled in a bullying program after a
5:49 pm
violent attack on a school bus takes place. this shows a third grader in a blue jacket being beaten up by two ninth graders. the two teenagers are charged with a number of offenses. they have been suspended for the rest of the school year. check in for all new stories coming up at 6:00. >> we'll keep you updated on the breaking news. powerful state senator ulysses currie, cleared of corruption charges against him. a live update coming up. and... what can parents do? i'm denise koch. coming up, recent murders make for a frightening warning. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news coming up at 6:00 now. back to you. still to come tonight on eyewitness news. free wifi. the warning for anyone wotakes advantage of free internet service in public places. i love to eat. i love hanging out with my friends.
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most of us don't think twice about using wifiin hotel, airports or coffee shops. but hackers can steal private
5:53 pm
information and passwords. >> reporter: public wireless internet service make it easy to stay connected while on the go. these so-called wifihot spots are everywhere. at the airports, parks, libraries. it's convenient but can be dangerous. >> most people aren't even aware of the danger. >> darren kitchen exposes the hacking techniques. he created his own wifihot spot. to people on their computers and smart phones, it looks like a safe network. my ipad automatically connected with darren's wifi. not the cafes. >> i can see everything. all of the e-mails, instant messages, all of the web pages they go, all of the passwords they go to. >> he gets my user name and password. but there are greater dangers.
5:54 pm
hackers could get hold of more sensitive information like social security and credit card numbers. >> reporter: most wi-fi hot spots are not encrypted. without it, hackers can easily break into your virtual world. but there are ways to protect yourself from these internet thieves. >> reporter: make sure you know the name of the wi-fi hot spot you're connecting to. and avoid websites that require you to reveal any passwords or sensitive information. >> if you're on an untrusted website, don't trust it. >> reporter: it's a good idea to purchase a vpn or virtual private network. that will encrypt your information and keep hackers from stealing what no one else should see. >> experts also warn people never to check their bank accounts on an unsecured network. and tonight, wjz healthwatch. need to lose some weight? well, a new study ranks the best diet plans. number 1, the dash diet. it is based on an eating plan, rich in fruits and vegetables,
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5:56 pm
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coming up now on wjz eyewitness news at 6:00. breaking news. a verdict in the bribery trial against a powerful maryland senator. what it means for ulysses currie's future. chaos stepping from campus. i'll tell you how it led to the death of a college student. we'll talk to those who knew her. and we'll hear from the man defending her accused killer.
5:59 pm
penn state sex abuse scandal. a former coach accused of abusing children. why it could cost the legendary head coach his job. incredible november day. stick around for the updated first warning weather forecast. >> check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. judgment day. a verdict in the bribery trial against the powerful state senator. >> this is the greatest moment of my life. >> ulysses currie, found not guilty on all counts. >> hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here's what everyone is talking about tonight. >> breaking news. senator ulysses currie is cheared of all of the federal


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